Aging Brain Decline

Thwarting a protein reverses it in aged mice:

The team used two techniques to block VCAM1: One of them genetically deleted the protein from the mice’s brains. Another injected an antibody that binds to it to stop anything else attaching. Both methods prevented signs of brain aging in young mice infused with old plasma and reversed existing markers in elderly mice brains. The researchers then gave the mice learning and memory tests. In one, which involves remembering which of several holes is safe to drop through, treated elderly mice performed as well as youngsters once fully trained. “The aged mice looked like they were young again in terms of their ability to learn and remember,” Dubal says. “It’s remarkable.”

Faster, please.

4 thoughts on “Aging Brain Decline”

    1. Anti-aging research does seem to be progressing ever faster, and accelerated a lot in the last couple of years as investors have been throwing money into the field. The big issue seems to be getting through the glacial flow of regulation from research to product.

      1. “The big issue seems to be getting through the glacial flow of regulation from research to product.”

        Which illustrates the genius of George Church’s approach of marketing it first as a health treatment for pet dogs. The approvals process for pet treatments is light years faster than for humans. Something like 1 yr for pets versus several years for humans. Each treated pooch is both a test subject and a paying customer for a stand alone business and finally free advertising for the efficacy of such treatments. Anybody wealthy enough to spend big bucks on their ailing old dog likely is just the sort you would want to have see how well it works.

        “Rejuvenate Bio Has Started Offering Gene Therapy for Dogs”

        1. Yes, absolutely. I think Church has a great idea; he can make money, test the technology on more complex animals than mice, and spread awareness of it among the population.

          Rather like SpaceX skipping the whole ‘first raise lots of money to develop a reusable rocket’ problem by starting with an expendable and making it reusable while making money on their test flights.

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