8 thoughts on “Samantha Powers”

  1. How is it that she (the UN ambassador) had the clearance to unmask anyone?

    And if she did it, or if she allowed her password and ID to be compromised so others could do it. she is in violation of the espionage act for failing to protect classified data…..

    She should hang

    1. If I recall correctly, the UN Ambassador has a very high clearance and unmasking power in order to be able to access things that bear on the US position at the UN. Bolton, for example, unmasked three times.

      However, it looks to me like Powers, if she did the unmasking that was done under her name, clearly abused this.

      I also recall her claiming that she didn’t do most of the unmaskings done under her name. If she gave her password and ID to others to do it, yup, that’s a clear violation of several laws.

      However, there’s another possible explanation; someone who had the authority and power to do the unmaskings under her name. It’s a short list; the person from whom all classification authority devolves: the president.

  2. Well, this will throw the whole Russia witch hunt narrative back in Democrat’s faces. After the Omhar, Tlaib, and other outrages, now we find out that Trump’s people were being targeted for not wanting Israel pushed into the sea? That they were victims of the most anti-Semitic members of the wildly anti-Israel Obama Administration?

    And yet Democrats insist they’re fighting Nazis.

    1. It’s worth repeating that one of the democrat’s favorite charges against Trump is he’s anti-semitic. (Yup, because he has Jewish kids and grandkids, maybe?)

      Yet when faced with real anti-semitisim, the democrats are just fine with it.

  3. Don’t forget, the Obama administration used the IRS to persecute Jewish groups in the USA the same way he went after Tea Party groups. I don’t have the link handy but one of the groups said they thought they were being spied on because things they said in conversations were shortly after referenced by the Obama administration.

      1. The other groups targeted along with the Tea Party and Jews were Prolife. I bet we would find some domestic spying against them as well.

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