Collusionists, Leakers…

and other projectionists:

What have we learned about the Left’s moralistic talk of Trump’s supposed collusion, obstruction, Logan Act violations, and leaking? One, that these are all projections of real resistance behavior. The zeal to remove Trump by any means necessary justified colluding with Russians, obstructing justice, undermining his administration abroad, and chronic leaking. Two, these deep-state and media elites are narcissistically delusional. So inured are they to deference that they really believed they should have the power, indeed the right, to subvert democracy, to overturn a U.S. election on the justification that the wrong voters had voted for the incorrect candidate and both needed to be corrected by the right people. All that is why the last 28 months have been both scary and dangerous.

Whenever the Left accuses you of something, it’s a safe bet that it’s what they’ve been doing, or would like to do.

2 thoughts on “Collusionists, Leakers…”

  1. We all know what the end game here is, that they had a moral obligation to destroy the Republic in order to save it. They have already prepped the battle space. Democrats will not view an attempted coup as something that is wrong but as something required.

    That all the justifications for it are all one carefully crafted deceit or that the coup began before many of the justifications existed won’t matter.

    I still think we would find a similar setup for all of the prominent Republicans who were running because this wasn’t about Trump. This was about Democrats winning their last election.

    1. Totally agreed, Wodun.

      Unless and until this kind of rot is rooted out, we are at enormous risk.

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