2 thoughts on “Radical Green Ideology”

  1. Not just STEM. Here’s Scott Alexander’s write-up of the recent American Psychiatric Association convention. Some panels:

    Climate Psychiatry 101: What Every Psychiatrist Should Know

    What Should The APA Do About Climate Change?

    Working Clinically With Eco-Anxiety In The Age Of Climate Change: What Do We Know And What Can We Do?

    Ecological Grief, Eco-Anxiety, And Transformational Resilience: A Public health Perspective On Addressing Mental Health Impacts Of Climate Change

    Can’t say we’re not SMOD-ready.

  2. There aren’t enough cult deprogrammers to fix this. Experiencing actual reality wont help either as the ordinary is already looked on as supernatural.

    Maybe a movie could help, since that is the most powerful medium, but doubtful it would solve the problem.

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