One thought on “BMI”

  1. BMI measures a person’s weight versus the square of a person’s height. That gives what, weight per square foot of skin area? That is an abject failure of Classical Greek math and geometry. Due to the use of a square law instead of cube law, the BMI error increases linearly with a person’s height.

    The average baby, according to their flawed formula, has a BMI of 13. Anything below 15 is classified as extreme anorexia. By adult standards, babies are fat and have giant heads, so the formula utterly fails for small folks, just as it fails for tall folks.

    Peter Dinklage in Game of Thrones has a BMI of 27, but scaled up to play Eitri in Thor: Ragnarok would have a BMI of 109.

    King Kong (as shown on top of the Empire State Building in the original movie) should have the same obesity index as a male silverback gorilla, whereas the flawed BMI formula says King Kong is four times fatter.

    They have to fix that error before they refine anything else, such as larger creatures having higher bone mass to support their weight.

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