My Close Call With The Ambulance

Anyway, feeling much better today. Just sore left arm, like I’d been overdoing something with it yesterday. Which in a sense, I had been.

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  1. You get to our stage of, ahem, cutting-edge middle age, and muscles don’t handle going instantly from zero to sixty near as well as they used to. Daily stretching and exercise helps, even just a few minutes. And when I am about to do a bit of heavy lifting, I spend ten-twenty seconds doing some preliminary stretches. Saves me a world of hurt, because those muscle pulls don’t heal near as fast as they used to.

    1. This would have happened in my twenties. The other guy simply dropped his part when I wasn’t expecting, or prepared for it.

      Also, fortunately and despite my continuing superannuated situation, it did heal fairly quickly. I probably will barely notice it tomorrow.

        1. I’ll let you know. It’s already improved quite a bit from this morning. 🙂

          Right now, it’s basically a little pain when I do either a complete extension, or a complete bend of the elbow (more with the latter), but not enough to prevent me from doing either.

  2. Though, probably, once I explained to the paramedics what had happened, they’d have not bothered to take me

    Not so sure your explanation would have deterred them, until after they’d ruled out heart trouble on the scene (even assuming they could).

    My late mother-in-law, before she was diagnosed with the cancer that ultimately took her, went to our local ER and made the mistake of describing her trouble as “pain” in her “chest.”

    The resulting delay in getting a proper diagnosis wasn’t fatal, she was almost certainly already Stage 3 by then and inoperable, but hours were spent on a protocol dictated by a poor choice of words in spite of her subsequent insistence throughout the ordeal that it had nothing to do with her heart.

    So, I’d say that your success in convincing people not to call 911 is ENTIRELY responsible for your not having wound up in the ER for an extended period of time.

  3. Every time I enter a big box store I think of the ESA astronaut whose lost his flight status to a falling object in one.

  4. Recommend deadlifts and ribeyes.

    There’s an app, startingstrength, good for old farts like us.

  5. “… So just paramedic bill…”

    Are such emergency response services charged for in your state (or in other US states)? And does the “patient” have the right to refuse all care on site and be off the hook for any fees related to the call?

    1. It varies by jurisdiction. And yes, if medics had treated and transported him against his will, it would have been assault and kidnapping.

  6. My first thought was Miles O’Brian’s arm muscle injury. I understand (I think) that it doesn’t apply here, but the protestation “it is just my arm muscle” initially made me concerned for you.

    1. Yes, everyone involved was concerned, particularly the guy who I’d been helping. I had to really reassure them I’d be OK without calling 911.

      1. Did you injure your dominant arm or your other one?

        Last year I ripped both elbows up carrying a big piece of steel over to the milling machine. It was far too heavy for me, and I ignored the pain because I wasn’t willing to set it down part way there. My elbows took over a year to heal. I looked up the surgery to fix such a problem and it was tens of thousands per elbow.

        But thankfully, they seem to be back to normal.

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