13 thoughts on “And Then There Were Twenty Two”

      1. That is interesting as he is such a big money man funding a lot of these activist groups and candidates. I need a tinfoil hat to properly conspiracy theory this one out.

        1. He looked at the collection of clowns running, and came to the conclusion that he couldn’t buy the Presidency through any of them. The real question is why doesn’t he realize that he’s now just one of the clowns?

          What exactly is he offering that they aren’t? That appears to have been the key to Trump’s success, in that he was bringing up issues the jebs running in 2016 didn’t want to touch.

  1. At the first debate I was quite surprised the Jeb Bush didn’t slip behind a podium. With so many candidates would anybody have even noticed?

    But Jeb does have some name recognition. Jim Gilmore or George Pataki could have pulled it off until some post-debate fact-checker Googled them.

    Everyone is still waiting to see if Starbuck’s Howard Schultz jumps in later as an independent, which he might well do if the Democrats go far left of Biden. If he does, they might as well cancel the general because he’ll pull Ross Perot levels of support from the center-left.

  2. As Sean Spicer said “who gets his supporter?”

    Also, is it true his parents are Trump fans? 🙂

  3. Today ends our presidential campaign but it is the beginning of an opportunity [blah blah] to believe that it will be the next generation whose leadership will solve climate chaos, bring cures in our lifetime for health care, address the student loan debt crisis and make sure that we say enough is enough.

    I don’t understand how the campaign didn’t catch on. Climate chaos, cures for health care, enough is enough; it’s all there. What was missed??

    When asked who he is going to endorse in the race, Swalwell said, “I don’t know yet. I’m really impressed by this field. If Megan Rapinoe gets in the race, I’m probably going to endorse her. I think she turns 35 next July.”

    Well, she did write a well-regarded book on strength training so that seems like a good choice.

  4. “As God is my witness, I though ‘Nuke Oklahoma’ was a winning campaign issue” (David Burge)

  5. I’m thinking Harris is going to go the distance. She hits all the check-offs for the Democrats.

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