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  1. I spent more than twenty years bashing my head against the conventional wisdom about this stuff, so I’m gratified other people finally started looking at it. Trying to sell a popular article about the solar minima back in the late 80s was eye opening. Especially when I tried to tie it to historical change. It was my first introduction to the fact people with an advanced degree in anything think they’re qualified to judge everything, because they’ve been “trained to think.” I guess that’s how we got the world we have now?

    1. I guess you assumed some kind of link between Earth’s climate and the giant chaotic ball of nuclear fusion in the sky?

      Over the decades I’ve read many interesting papers that simply dismiss the idea that sun affects climate.

      1. The Sun’s ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of progressive politics.

      2. My 1980s article (which I may still have in hard copy somewhere) showed the effects of the Maunder Minimum by looking at literary sources. For example, “Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates” portrays an Amsterdam where the canals freeze over every winter. I also cite historical docs indicating at the end of the last grand minimum, Jamestown was abandoned due in part to the return of mosquitos to the James River. That sort of thing. Then I made a chart of previous Grand Minima showing major civilizational changes worldwide in pretty good alignment with starting and endpoints. It was pretty speculative, but solid in its own way. I was surprised by the negative response from editors (call me naive). I did get away with making some use of the material in my own published SF over the years, though.

  2. Most of those distressed are younger women, by appearances older members of the snowflake generation, only 1 of the older guys mentioned claimed to be suffering anguish.

  3. ” . . . knows of a looming catastrophe but must struggle to function in a world that does not comprehend what is coming and, worse, largely ignores the warnings of those who do.”

    I think a lot of people can comprehend BS coming from people who are smart enough to know better.

    I like JC’s antidote.

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