3 thoughts on “Group Loyalty”

  1. Politicians have forgotten how to make arguments, perhaps because voters are dismayingly impatient with things that run counter to what they already believe.

    It’s those stupid voters. They’re why politicians can’t make arguments anymore.

    Pathetic, Jonah. Just pathetic.

    1. You sound… impatient.   😉

      I would at least argue that Democrat voters are indeed incapable of listening to anything — facts, arguments, anything — they don’t already agree with.

      There’s also a variety of Republican voter that refuses to give credit to erstwhile opponents who have learned from experience and admitted they were wrong about… something important. They would rather hold onto the grudge stemming from the previous disagreement than accept that people who once disagreed can in fact come around when evidence demands.

      I get impatient with that behavior, I must confess.

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