5 thoughts on “Portlandization”

  1. “We knew they would create confusion, but we wanted to do something different,” a Portland city planner told my husband and me in 2014, when we complained that the bicycle lanes the city had spent a year installing not on the intuitive right but the left, were creating confusion and traffic and, oh yeah, the vehicular deaths of more than a cyclist or pedestrian a week.

    What city wouldn’t want to import as much of that as possible.
    This is just precious:

    whereupon the golden ferret made for a municipal vehicle with “The City That Works” on its side, a slogan Portland appropriated from Chicago, a reminder that it’s important to pick good role models.

    Nancy has a great future in stand-up.

  2. Already happening in Brisbane, Australia.
    Last night’s TV news had a item about police warning commuters not to abuse climate change protesters who were holding up traffic.
    We also had a few accidental deaths this year in various mines in Queensland. State government mine safety committee was to be formed but didn’t happen because they couldn’t find enough willing and qualified females to ensure gender balance.
    Australia is like the worst blue parts of the US without a right to bear arms.

  3. Jesus f&#@*^g Christ. Who thinks like this, all the time?.

    You may consider her a “great writer,” Rand, but I think she’s as much a lunatic as the rest of the denizens of Portlandia – maybe more so. Please, please, keep them away from normal people. They’re the intellectual lepers of the 21st Century.

  4. People acting badly. Thinking and overcoming our first gut reaction, no matter what your background, or political proclivities, is how a civilization survives. I am worried.

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