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This isn’t news to me. I’ve always been concerned (to the degree that I am concerned) about both, and in fact, I worry more about diastolic than systolic. I’m trying to get it down with 20 mg of Lisinopril, but it’s still 150/100 on waking. Fortunately, I’ve never had a cardiovascular event, despite having lost both parents relatively young to heart attacks. I think I have a much healthier lifestyle, though. They were both life-long smokers, and overweight (partly as a result of horrible nutrition advice from the government).

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  1. I just went up to 40mg of Lisinopril because of consistent 144/90 readings. I’ve had a lot of tests and have no detectable sign of heart or vascuar disease at age 68. My Dad developed congestive heart failure at age 80, had successful valve replacement surgery, and died at 87 from cancer. Dad loved pasta. I did too, but switched to Taiwan-style Bean Threads as soon as I discovered them. They’re made from mung bean starch and have a very low glycemic index.

    1. I just saw a cardiologist on Monday, who thought that the marginal benefit from 20 to 40 mg wasn’t worth it. I may go on an additional separate medication before bed.

  2. I love when they take your blood pressure before your heart comes back to its resting state, discuss high blood pressure, I make them take it again five minutes later and then: “Oh!”

    I wonder how many people are on blood pressure medicine because they can’t correct measure the pressure?

    1. Yep, you are meant to sit still and relaxed for 5 minutes before the measurement. My wife is a former RN and knew this but the newer younger ones don’t seem to.

  3. quinapril 40mg daily and 10mg metoprolol twice daily will usually keep me down around 130/80.

    However, I have noticed that carb binges will make that go up. Fewer carbs will usually bring that backdown.

    Fortunately, I have zero plaque buildup in my coronary arteries.

  4. When I was at FAA, in the most hostile work environment I’ve ever seen (or even heard of), my blood pressure would routinely hit 168/110. That was on 40 mg lisinopril, plus two beta blockers. Then I “retired.” I just took it after reading this, and it’s 93/68. That’s pretty much the norm for me these days.

    My doctor had always known that the diastolic was as (or more) important than the systolic. Looks like it’s under control now.

    1. My BP has been high my entire adult life. It doesn’t seem to be related to stress. But the only time it goes to normal is in the evening before bed, after alcohol. But I can’t afford to be drunk all day.

  5. I’ve been blessed with roughly 115/75 for decades and a resting pulse around 54- even when I was way overweight. Keto with intermittent and extended fasting has knocked 70 lb off in the last year, and my sabbatical since February in a tropic idyll without a car has also helped a lot. I don’t have access to a BP meter at the moment, but I suspect my readings are juuuust fine.

  6. 155/95 sustained is the limit for an FAA medical. Funny thing that is actually the knee of the risk curve. I don’t have the URL but I read a paper about this based on actual real data.

  7. Be careful. Doctors oath’s “First do no harm” have been replaced with a corporate “make a buck”. If they can redefine a person as sick and pump them full of quack cures, they make a buck, and their new god is appeased.

    My gran had 200 blood pressure for 30+yrs and passed, not of heart disease, but of old age, a very old age of 99.

    Health, is precariously balanced “active condition”, chase it like a daily absolution.

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