Half a century later, still covering for the Kennedy’s.

The media cover up was aided by the fact that it happened during the moon landing.

[Update mid-afternoon]

Fifty years later, the media continues to whitewash Chappaqiddick.

“[The Lion of the Senate] was Kennedy’s nickname. He was like a lion, in the sense that he mated without limit and killed without remorse.”


I disagree though, on one of his movie recommendations. There are many better documentaries of how we got to the moon than First Man, which was about Neil Armstrong, not Apollo per se. The best I’ve seen (and I saw it in IMAX at the NASM a few weeks ago) is Apollo 11. The most surprising thing about it, considering how good it is, is that it was produced by CNN. I recorded it a few days ago to watch tomorrow with friends.

4 thoughts on “Chappaquiddick”

  1. Apollo 11 is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. My wife, the amazing and wonderful KfK, agrees with that evaluation, and she’s not a big movie buff. It is certainly the best documentary ever made, but I rank it at the top of all films ever made.

  2. “Lion of the Senate”??? Silly me, I always thought it was “Lyin’ of the Senate” – guess I never saw it spelled out until now!

  3. First Man managed to turn one of the most exciting adventures in human history into a dull as dirt (ok, the visuals were amazing but the story sucked) character study.

    As to Kennedy, yeah turning a guy who let a young woman die to protect his political career into a (liberal) saint is bovine scat on steroids.

  4. I made the mistake of insisting my wife come with me to see “First Man”. Her immediate comment was, “There was not one drop of joy in that movie”. And she was absolutely right.

    There’s more joy in “Apollo 13”, which is ironic since that’s the movie where they didn’t get to walk on the moon.

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