Boris Johnson

Will he soon be the most popular leader in the world?

I had lunch with Iain Murray in DC a few weeks ago, who went to school with him. It will be interesting, if nothing else. I asked Iain if May was the worst PM since Chamberlain. “Lord North,” he replied.

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With him seeming to be the next PM, the New York Sun is waiting for Boris Johnson.

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From the third link:

When it comes to rhetoric and eloquence, he is the anti-Trump.


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Cometh the hour, cometh the man.

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  1. Heh. Except May’s trouble is that she has failed to extricate Britain from rule by an overseas (well, channel) colonial power.

  2. Well, she certainly did better than Queen Boudicca, who somehow managed to get her whole army wiped out by a massively inferior Roman force that delivered stark defeat and a 200:1 kill ratio.

    1. Not as well as Queen Latifah did against Foxy Brown, in their dissing battle albums. Queen Latifah is said to have decisively won that battle, whose nature, unfortunately, is completely unknown to me.

    2. I would disagree, since she’s managed to get her party wiped out in the polls by a massively inferior Brexit party that’s only existed for a few months… and who would have already taken one Tory seat if not for electoral fraud by Labour.

      If Boris doesn’t produce a real Brexit, I think the Tory party is done.

      1. Good point. Well, maybe if she drinks poison she’ll at least get a nifty statue like Boudicca’s.

  3. You’re right McGehee, except the thing is, she never wanted to extricate Britain from rule by an overseas power.

    All Boris has to do is stand up for Britain against the EU (no deal, ie WTO rules isn’t that bad), get rid of the remainers/spygate conspirators in the cabinet, point out the rampant anti-semitism in the Labour Party (not difficult to do) and apologise to Trump for the previous UK government spying on him. He certainly will be popular then…

    1. I never in a million years would have thought the UK would have helped to rig an American election and then depose the unwanted winner in a coup.

      People say Trump is thin skinned, and he does like to mix it up when it comes to insults, but on the big things, he has been incredibly measured in his responses.

      1. Agreed. I was horrified when I started reading the story (I’m English). It seems like 0bama used FVEYES to lean on the UK government, but of course, there were plenty of fellow travellers in the Whitehall halls of power that were quite happy to go along with it. It disgusts me and I want them all brought down.

          1. I think every American knows deep down that the UK is actually run by Simon Cowell.

        1. The craziness of the government in the UK is a hot topic right now in the USA thanks to youtube. A lot of people are pulling for you guys to get things right.

  4. We nearly got a politician like Boris as PM of Australia in 2004. One Mark Latham. Claim to fame is he once broke a taxi driver’s arm in a fare dispute.

  5. Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Man at Quillette.

    He began to advance an argument in what sounded like a parody of the high style in British politics—theatrical, dramatic, self-serious—when—a few seconds in—he appeared to completely forget what he was about to say. He looked up, startled—Where am I?—and asked the packed chamber which side he was supposed to be on. “What’s the motion, anyway?” Before anyone could answer, a light bulb appeared above his head and he was off, this time in an even more orotund, florid manner. Yet within a few seconds he’d wrong-footed himself again, this time because it had suddenly occurred to him that there was an equally compelling argument for the opposite point of view. This endless flipping and flopping, in which he seemed to constantly startle himself, went on for the next 15 minutes. The impression he gave was of someone who’d been plucked from his bed in the middle of the night and then plonked down at the dispatch box of the Oxford Union without the faintest idea of what he was supposed to be talking about.

    Just posted so the comment section hasn’t got to the mud-wrestling stage yet.

    Toby Young fawning over BoJo is like watching a hyena lick the festering corpse of a hippo. Gives you the dry boak but you can’t look away.

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