Former Vegans

turned butchers:

“As soon as I started eating meat, my health improved,” she said. “My mental acuity stepped up, I lost weight, my acne cleared up, my hair got better. I felt like a fog lifted.” All of the meat was from healthy, grass-fed animals reared on the farms where she worked.

Other former vegetarians reported that they, too, felt better after introducing grass-fed meat into their diets: Ms. Kavanaugh said eating meat again helped with her depression. Mr. Applestone said he felt far more energetic.

“It can be hard to balance your diet as a vegetarian, especially when you’re younger, and I wasn’t doing it right,” he said.

I continue to hold out hope that we’ll be able to grow grass-fed beef in a lab.

5 thoughts on “Former Vegans”

  1. We already can grow grass fed beef in a lab, but sometimes the cows knock expensive equipment over.

      1. That’s a good point. Lab grown Democrats can’t be far behind, and frankly, how else are they going to reproduce?

  2. My sister reported the same when she went back to eating meat as this woman. She now eats meat.

  3. They went from not eating meat to only eating grass fed meat. I’m glad they were able to keep their sense of superiority intact when changing diets.

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