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  1. Wandered into the comments at that Ars piece (I know, stupid, but I’m currently bored). One ars_anon ventured there (kind of weird because I can’t actually locate the original, just the quotes in responses). Some of them are amusing, including a guy who spent four paragraphs, and an animated GIF of a glass with an ice cube melting, and concluded:
    …it will be on average 1-2C warmer in 2050. That adaption to that temperature increase will cost significant amounts of money and potentially quality of life.

    Yeah, starving the developing world of cheap energy might cause some people some discomfort. But my comfort level is just fine, my virtue has been signaled, all’s good.

  2. What happened to Forbes? I was under the impression that business journalism, due to the readership having to deal with the real world, was conservative. Of course, “real world” now sometimes includes government constructs designed to pay out largess to it’s supporters but I had no idea it was that wide spread.

    1. What happened to Forbes?

      Perhaps they genuinely find the evidence for AGW compelling?

      They might be mistaken, of course, but it doesn’t follow that they have abandoned intellectual integrity.

    2. A whole lot of magazines, such as Scientific American, decide that they should really have some professional journalists making editorial decisions. Journalism majors are, of course, notorious ignorant about STEM. If medical journals went that direction then JAMA or Lancet would feature articles by Gwyneth Paltrow and propound on how antibiotics are a white supremacist plot.

      1. Journalism majors are notoriously ignorant about everything. Especially English. Paltrow would have been less harmful than Wakefield.

  3. Add “The Economist” to the list of publications that have gone “full loon”. AW&ST seems to be suspect also. The effort being wasted on electric aviation is shameful. There is a place for it in distributed propulsion for VTOL aircraft starting with small ones. I’d like a substitute for my BD-4 that is VTOL.

    1. Electric these days is pretty impressive for power density, especially for small scale operation. It still can’t compare to a tank of kerosene for energy density.

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