Jeffrey Epstein

Gee, this isn’t suspicious at all.

[Update a few minutes later]

Sharyl Attkisson has some questions.

In retrospect, it’s surprising that he’s survived this long.

[Update early afternoon]

Here’s a more complete story. The biggest question right now: If he was taken off suicide watch, why?

[Update a few minutes later]

Ben Sasse has four questions for Bob Barr. I find the absence of any mention of Bill Clinton curious here.

[Monday-afternoon update]

Jeffrey Epstein gets Vince Fostered.


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  1. As with Whitey Bulger, the gov’t has a duty to keep its prisoners alive, especially those awaiting trial, and it can’t even do that right.

    We’ve come to accept that prisons are places where it’s acceptable to torture (prison rape jokes anyone?) and kill with impunity, yet we get squeamish when the idea of capital punishment for anything is mentioned.

  2. Okay, they claimed the guy tried to kill himself a couple of weeks ago. So, he’d be on suicide watch now.

    And he’s found dead in his cell. I find this most highly suspicious.

    I also said, around the time he was charged most recently, that I’d be shocked if he didn’t end up dead rather soon.

    This death was incredibly convenient for some exceedingly powerful Democrats (including two named just yesterday, one of them former presidential candidate and NM governor Bill Richardson). And of course, the Clintons. That makes the reaction rather easy to predict; they’ll try to blame Trump.

  3. A friend texted me with:

    We knew it was only a matter of time before Epstein fell victim to Arkancide.
    #ClintonBodyCount was trending #4 a bit ago. 🙂

  4. Wow offing someone in Trump DOJ possession.
    It amazing Lewinsky, Comey, Paula Jones, Kaythlyn Willy ,Juanita Broddrick, Anthony Weiner, Roger Stone, Jullian Assange, Bernie Sanders , Jill Stien, Vladimir Putin, and Ken Starr are still alive.

    1. No one in the media ever took them seriously. Epstein was much more dangerous. He had hard evidence.

      And “Vlad Putin”? Really? I hadn’t quite realized what an idiot you are until that.

      1. And “Vlad Putin”? Really? I hadn’t quite realized what an idiot you are until that.

        What ever you say Kettle. Though guess age does terrible things to the mind.
        You telling me Epstein had hard evidence but they wait till he picked up by the Trump’s DOJ and in their custody to off him. Wouldn’t it be infinitely easier and less questions to have say a plane crash 6 years ago. Long enough after the the plea deal to be forgotten and no unwelcome election surprises. And had control of state department to help cover the tracks.

        Why wouldn’t Clinton view Vlad as a enemy? Who hacked the DNC emails and gave them to Russias favorite cyber organization proxy?

        1. As long as Epstein wasn’t in trouble he was going to keep his mouth shut, and nobody could know if he had any kind of special “insurance policy” that would kick in if he died.

          Unlike the typical bimbo who got involved with Bill, Epstein was a serious criminal who maintained an organization devoted to flying underage sex slaves to an island, where he hosted high ranking officials in all sorts of activities that would be incredible black mail material. Since getting rid of Epstein would be so beneficial to so many powerful people, it would be wise for them to assume he had measures in place to guard against that outcome.

        2. Funny how it’s Trump’s DOJ when it comes to this when Democrat talking points for the last two years is that the DOJ is independant of the Executive.

    2. I’d keep my eye on Comey if I were you.

      The rest are all vanquished foes and no longer dangerous – so long as none of them decides to write memoirs.

      1. Which Comey? Jim’s daughter is one of Epstein’s prosecutors. Just a coincidence, I’m sure.

    3. He was being held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City, not a federal prison. NYC is ruled by Democrats. But thanks for playing. If you are indeed an engineer, I can only hope your work isn’t as poorly done as your posts.

  5. Today could be the day when the Arkancide theory went mainstream. Even people who up till now thought it was all Alex Jones nonsense are like, “Dude, suicide? Seriously?”

    1. Why would it go mainstream? If the theory is true, they’ve gotten away with it over 120 times before, so why wouldn’t they get away with it now?

  6. I disagree with the popular notions here. Once Epstein used his influence to get a light sentence in 2008, all of his marks got careful about how they acted when he was watching. And I doubt the Clintons had a hand in this one. They have nothing more to lose. Bill is done with offices that are marketable, and unless 20 or 30 front-runners on the dem side suddenly drop dead, neither does Hilary. Epstein was in his 60s, looking at the rest of his life (a short term, I think), in an environment he was not comfortable inhabiting. He had used his ‘get out of jail free card’, and when he tried that again, his victims didn’t return his attorney’s calls. It was the end of the line for him. Looks to me like he couldn’t do the time.

    1. I also suspect it really was suicide, for the reasons you state. But someone else made it possible for him to commit suicide, and that’s where the investigation needs to go.

    2. “They have nothing more to lose. Bill is done with offices that are marketable, and unless 20 or 30 front-runners on the dem side suddenly drop dead, neither does Hilary. ”


  7. I’ve been trying to figure out who else might have done it. Eugene Victor Tooms (The X-Files season 1 episode 3) was a killer mutant who would slip in and out of almost any room by deforming his body to fit through small air vents. He always ripped out his victim’s liver so he could store up its energy and go back into hibernation.

    But Epstein’s liver was apparently intact, so I’m left with the next spot on the list of suspects, the Clintons.

  8. I’m not sure when speculation crosses over into the derogatory term, conspiracy theory. Both are things most people engage in. The media is blind to their own conspiracy mongering while saying othets are the most evil ever.

    1. I’m on top of the conspiracy theories, and so far none are really nuttier than asking “Has anyone else noticed that the mafia guys who are going to turn state’s evidence keep turning up at the bottom of the river?”

      But just to be thorough, I’ve reviewed every episode of Kolchak: The Nightstalker from 1974, and there are only a few outstanding cases, one involving a space alien, that could possibly be involved in the Epstein suicide. The life suckers, swamp creatures, vampires, werewolves, zombies, Native American spirits, demons, and psychic mimics were all killed, despite no hard evidence of their existence seeing the light of day.

      Nothing is remotely as insane as the CNN or MSNBC host who said that Trump lowered flags to half mast until August 8th as a signal to white supremacists because 8/8 stands for “Heil Hitler.”
      That’s crazier than the schizophrenic who screamed “What’s the frequency, Kenneth?!” at Dan Rather.

      These people shouldn’t be reporting the news, they should be under clinical observation.

  9. As a side note, someone with an in depth knowledge of NASA safety standards might want to compare them to the safety standards for Jeffrey Epstein. If we were to focus on launching astronauts who had dirt on the Clintons, I think we’d make much more rapid progress in space, despite the frequent loss of vehicles, because everyone would say “Of course it blew up! But that doesn’t mean there was anything wrong with the design.”

    I’ll also note that if China sends troops into Hong Kong, they’ll likely say they’re going in to arrest a couple thousand people who also have dirt on the Clintons, so that when most of the dissidents die in jail under mysterious circumstances, nobody in the international community will place the slightest blame on China.

  10. Epstein reminds me of Kaskalnikov. Only going to be so much guilt you can take, before the whole thing blows apart. Lots of chaos actors coming unstuck lately. Who will be next!

  11. Might be there’s two separate groups at play here:

    A group that got him sent to jail

    Another group that were frightened of the fact that he was arrested and needed to silence him.

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