Joe Scarborough

White supremacist?

[Late-morning update]

The strange case of white supremacy.

Yes, America is such a horrible racist place that millions of people of all races are clamoring and even risking their lives to get here.

And say, did you know that being pro-life is a white-supremacist position?

Yes, that’s right. Those evil white supremacists are trying to prevent the murder of millions of black babies in the womb.

5 thoughts on “Joe Scarborough”

  1. White supremacists are such a small fringe group that they need publicity to survive. The Left is so very happy to give them as much publicity as possible. The need each other; it’s co-dependent extremism.l

    1. To the contrary. Now not only are all whites white supremacists, but most blacks, Jews, Asians, Native Americans, and Pacific Islanders are too, with the noted exception of representatives AOC, Tlaib, and Omar.

      It’s like other purity spirals or moral panics where the suspicion that there might just possibly be a witch in town quickly snowballs into the conviction that everyone in the entire town is a witch, including more half of the dedicated witch hunters. Along with that is the belief that white supremacy is a force of ultimate evil that’s spread across the land, an idea that at best belongs in a bad fantasy novel, or in a handy chart from Michael Mann that would show a modest level of white supremacy from 1619 to 2016, and then a giant surge in the past three years, looking for all the world like a hockey stick of evil. The raw data would of course plummet to virtually nothing, such that a gay black man in Chicago had to pay a pair of Nigerians to pretend to be white supremacists because the US has just about plumb run out of them.

      1. “Hockey stick of evil.” Yes!!!!!

        But you prove my point that the left NEEDS white supremacists. Even if they have to create them. Even if the definition of “white supremacist” is the product of a fever dream.

        The left can’t live without their fever dreams. Sort of Munchausen by internet proxy server.

    2. I was told by an ex-friend (before his choice to sever all ties after he became a “Born Again Socialist”) that “The only reason he could see to not vote for Obama was … RACISM!”

      I could only blink as his statement. Looking back I can see the parallels between statements like that and finding racists everywhere.

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