4 thoughts on “Titania McGrath”

  1. “For the best part of an hour she delivers a searing lecture on the evils of capitalism, the scourge of whiteness, and how heterosexuality is now the most common form of homophobia.”

    Now that’s entertainment!

    1. Woke gender dogma can hardly be mocked enough.

      There was a season 1 episode of “The X-Files” called gender bender where they were pursuing a murderer who had them stumped. Tapes showed a woman entering a hotel room prior to a murder, but then later they showed a man leaving. As the case went on, Mulder and Scully both dismissed the idea of changing genders as something that was flatly impossible. Instead, they concluded that the suspect was a life-sucking space alien that could mimic human form, which was far more plausible.

      And yet here we are, obviously light-years from 1990’s science and common season.

  2. I’m confused. Is there actually a show? I thought it had been determined that she was the invention of male writer Andrew Doyle.

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