7 thoughts on “What Took Them So Long?”

  1. They were busy creating the concept of exoneration. First, they tried it on Hillary and found they could exonerate someone for a crime they did commit. Then they tried it on Trump and found they could not exonerate someone for a crime that never occurred. Now is the time to try a hybrid of exonerating some but not everyone. But someone changed the test subject for “not exonerate”.

  2. Isn’t this like waiting a few months before sending an FBI team to Benghazi to make sure the locals hadn’t left any evidence that might implicate Hillary in anything?

    Island’s staffer, greeting the FBI agents: “What brings you back again?”
    FBI agent: “Back again?”
    Staffer:“Yeah. You guys have been combing this place for evidence for the past month.”
    FBI agent: “Sir, this is the first time we’ve been here.”
    Staffer: “Maybe for you personally, but I’m pretty sure the previous twenty teams of investigators have already recovered anything worth finding.”
    FBI agent: “Who were they? Who did they work for?”
    Staffer: “They were investigators. They worked for important people, really high up.”
    FBI agent: “But who sent them?”
    Staffer: “I reckon the same people who sent you. Maybe you should go back and look into that.”

    To quote someone in the know, “At this point, what difference does it make?!”

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