Max Boot

I used to admire his writing, but he has become the poster child for Trump derangement:

Before yesterday, my primary criticism of the Washington Post’s Max Boot was political in nature. As I wrote in a recent book review, I found it regrettable that Boot’s opposition to the president had not prevented him from “succumbing reactively to Trump’s cult of personality, or from making Trump the origin of every graph onto which he plots himself.” As of yesterday, my primary criticism of the Washington Post’s Max Boot is that he is a narcissistic, dishonest, calculating, manipulative writer who is prone to engaging in precisely the sort of willfully dishonorable conduct that he claims to disdain in others.

Tell us how you really feel, Charlie.

When a former conservative is telling you to vote for Democrats (as George Will did as well in the last cycle), particularly the Democrats currently on display in the primary campaign, you know that he has gone completely around the bend.

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  1. I’ve noticed a weird thing about many of the most hysteric TDS “conservative” or formerly “conservative” never-Trumpers. Many of them are now big time anti-gunners too, real extremist types. “Conservatives” who want the 2nd Amendment repealed and/or guns confiscated.

    Max Boot is one. Ralph Peters is another. Bret Stephens is a third. That’s just off the top of my head.

    What the Hell?

    1. They have to take all the Democrat positions in order to not get mobbed but they fail to realize, Democrats still hate them and will de-platform them the second they have no use for them. For a bunch of “smart” people, they sure are a bunch of idiots.

      1. Romney’s Presidential campaign, let alone McCain’s, would’ve been enough for people who aren’t stupid to see that.

  2. You have to wonder about the political media business:

    You had Piers Morgan an screaming, gesticulating lefty when he worked for one news organization (I forget which it was). He gave Olberman stiff competition.

    But now he writes for the Daily Mail and he’s moved to the right.

    Then there’s Max Boot whose articles I really liked to read… the rails with TDS.

    Is it possible that media types will adjust themselves that far to get a gig?

    1. Yes.

      I think a good example of this is Fox News. They have people of different viewpoints square off but it is often someone playing a role and not necessarily arguing their own beliefs. Similar to Bill Whittle and Co.

    1. Wow, that Anna Phillips sure is a hottie! I may consider cheating on my wife for someone who wears a “I heart Parasites” T-shirt!

    2. If you hadn’t mentioned the Smithsonian Magazine I’d have thought that headline came from the Babylon Bee.

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