5 thoughts on “Slavery”

  1. Good grief. I first learned about slavery from the Bible stories my second grade teacher told us. This was at a public school in the South, and she was a preacher’s wife.

  2. So who was involved in the slave revolts down South prior to 1619, since there couldn’t have been any slaves? The Times isn’t curious enough to find out.

  3. The tell is : “Their entire education about slavery was confined to America.”. What little history that’s taught now begins and ends in the U.S. No world history or ancient history and when you get down to it, damn little American history.

    Considering how few can put the major wars in the correct decade, it’s probably encouraging that they even remember the concept of slavery.

  4. They blame Christianity for slavery. Obama did it but it didn’t start with him and it is now one of Democrats favorite attacks. It doesn’t matter that Christians ended slavery in the USA or that Christians themselves were enslaved for quite some time after slavery ended in the USA.

    The atheist left will attack Christianity while at the same time trying to co-opt it by claiming Jesus was a socialist and wants you to save the planet and have high taxes and open borders. Don’t want to be a bad Christian do you? Similar to what some of these NeverTrumpers do.

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