6 thoughts on “Starship/SuperHeavy Progress”

  1. It must be nice having a bunch of chucklenuts flying their airplanes around your business and stalkers hanging out on the roads all the time.

    I’m a curious person and enjoy reading this stuff but it certainly pushes the boundaries of propriety. Exploits aren’t necessarily cheating but they are still exploits.

    Elon has FU money and with FU money you could set up some nice trolls to mess with people spying on him. I’d include some well placed hardware that has some sort of plausible purpose that space needs would come up with all sorts of interesting speculation on. Then do some reveal of the jokes on you. It would be a lot better Then giving Bran the Iron Throne.

    It’d be more like this https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lM5FTQjMYpg

    1. They need to fly a drone down the center of the vehicle so we can get a good look at the internal structure. ^_^

      I can’t imagine how NASA could ever build a vehicle outdoors. If a bug landed on it they’d have to photograph and document the critter and then start generating Power Points on bugs per square meter per day, bird poop incidents, daily temperature swings, relative humidity, and the amount and frequency of rainfall.

      1. Perhaps, if it was NASA doing this, there would evolve a whole bunch of FDA-like rules governing how many insect parts it was permissable to find in a given volume of Starship – like the spacecraft was a jar of peanut butter or a can of vegetables.

  2. Or maybe he is far enough ahead of the competition that he doesn’t need to distract his people from their task.

    1. Only vaguely. I did hear about their belated realization that once they rolled the shuttle out to the pad, where it might sit for days awaiting a launch, the RCS thrusters on the nose were inevitably going to fill up with rainwater unless they came up with some kind of protective cover. So they taped butcher paper over them while they looked for a better solution.

      It stands to reason that Starship is going to have a few bugs in it.

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