7 thoughts on “Local Man”

  1. I strongly suspect the humor gene is situated on the genome in such a way to be disabled when the liberal gene is enabled. The same for the self-awareness and meme gene. Maybe someday there will be a CRISPR treatment for those thus afflicted.

  2. Remember the difference between Charles M. Schulz’s Peanuts™ and Garry Trudeau’s Doonesbury™? The difference between humor and sarcasm ( ‘Wit’ ).

    Charles Schulz invited you to join with him in laughing at the silliness in everyday life. Garry Trudeau wanted you to join him in sneering at the inferior beings that failed to live up to his expectations.

  3. “Someone just let me know when a PRIVATE company shoots the most powerful rocket by a factor of two into space. I won’t hold my breath!” he added.

    Nice touch.

  4. The Bee is killing it lately. I still can’t stop chuckling at “Antifa introduces new pumpkin spice Molotov cocktails for fall”.

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