10 thoughts on “Light And Scattered Posting”

      1. True enough. At IBM RTP in North Carolina I spent weeks sitting in meetings for ten hours a day in a room they called “the cone of silence.” The experience makes hunkering in an attic in a flooded house in Freeport sound pretty darn tempting. If the hurricane experience included being trapped for days with a network weather babe then it would be an even easier choice – unless Barbie starts bitching non-stop, in which case I’d head out into flood waters and 150 mph winds to look for my car keys.

      2. You will likely have high crosswinds starting Thursday afternoon into Friday. You might plan on being there until Saturday just from flight cancellations.

  1. Rand got question when did “Morder on the Potomac” go back to being DC?

    Is it since as how the cool kidz would say now adays, when the “Alaskans” were evicted from the peoples house and “our good friend’s son” took over and deloused the placed? While funneling the money to his own ventures.

    Sorry for the coded language but you seem to be ignoring that story obviously it not as big as a bunch of journalist forming a jornolist or anything.

    And you been busy deflecting from some recent self reflection (yes some misguided some not so much) by pointing to flimsy article beating up on straw-men, based off of a even flimsier activist outfits interview with a activist who cites “research” that consists of antidotal informal and badly sampled polling by said activist.

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