7 thoughts on “CNN’s Climate “Town Hall””

    1. It was also a donation to The History Channel’s archives if one of the bozos gets elected and inevitably goes full genocidal to save the planet. Thirty years from now they’ll run clips from the CNN town hall, and the somber narrator will show how all the Democratic candidates were more than open about their plans for global destruction and human enslavement.

      1. But the documentary will be framed as, if only we would have listened to them sooner, they didn’t go far enough, or even though things are terrible now, imagine how worse they would have been.

  1. The worst case of climate change is not that we don’t do enough and the temperature goes up by 3 degrees, it is that we destroy our economy and the temperature goes up by 3 degrees anyway.

    That should be the mantra of the right. The scientists all agree that the warming will happen anyway – even if we kill all the humans.

  2. What would the freak out be like if Trump spoke this way about different industries, population control, mandating people buy certain things, ect?

    Rather than fact check, provide context to how crazy this is, or ask other Democrats to reject or defend, the media portrays this all as normal rhetoric and something beneficial. We have the most corrupt, biased, and deceitful media in American history, and that is saying something considering journalism’s history.

    1. Hell, look at how they reacted when Trump suggested that, given the tariffs and China’s nigh contempt for IP laws, American companies should move manufacturing back to the US.

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