4 thoughts on “The Ghosts Of World War II”

  1. At least that stuff can be worked through by people actually skilled in foreign affairs. The linger menace of the fall of the Ottoman Empire is much more complicated.

  2. The conflicts and injustices of history, with the perceptions and mindsets that result, I think influence our outlooks on many issues more than we realize.

  3. I blame the French. If they had their act together back in 1870 Germany would have stayed a bunch of separate States. No WWI which means no WWII.

  4. German troubles began with the multiple revolutionary movements in the 1500’s: Luther, muentzer, Anabaptists, followed later by Wagner, Nietzsche, Marx. A real tinderbox of unrest. Topped off with the carnage of ww1 ww2 and now the slow cultural suicide by Merkel and co.

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