10 thoughts on “The Leftist Smear Machine”

  1. It’s a nice dream. However, I see the Whoopi rebuke as “how dare you say what we do in public?” The rebuke of NYT is just competition.

  2. Problem is that the Left’s accusations, smearing, lies and deceits have gone on for years, now, and have escalated, and show no signs of ending.

    Witness the Nadler committee farce.

    You would think that in a sane world the constant accusations followed by constant destruction of the accusation followed by ever more ridiculous accusations would have lowered Lefty stock to negative value. That the leftists would be laughed out of polite society.

    Hasn’t happened.

    I have to wonder what fraction of the citizenry sees the left as ridiculously silly and what fraction sees the left as saviors.

    I guess we’ll find out at election time. But, again, you would have thought that the silliness of the left would be a common view.

  3. Everyone ^^ is right but I’ll add, even if Trump wins again, the Democrats will continue the course they are on. The only ones who can stop it are themselves and changing their ways requires a literal shift in how they view reality, their core principles, and shedding their organizational structure.

    Marxism is ascending and everyone who criticizes one little thing is still on board for the bigger venture.

    1. Some leftists are starting to speak out about stuff like this but only when it happens to lefties. They were/are fine when they do it to others. But let’s see what happens to Trudeau. Power plays a role here and a person with power wont be held to social justice standards.

      1. I don’t mean to harp on rms, he largely has made his own bed. But I found this story from Steven Levy published in Wired deeply disturbing:


        Here is a guy who wrote about Stallman in a hugely successful book (Hackers) who not only promoted rms but raised him to icon status. Now in this Wired piece, Levy appears to shed crocodile tears over the fact that rms has now lost all connection as an artisan in the field he loves and in the early days nearly single-handedly helped establish. While at the same time looking for the largest bus he can find to throw him under.

        I probably wouldn’t be so harsh on Levy if it weren’t for the fact that he too did very well on the success of that book. All I can assume is that he too is running, afraid of the fallout. And this is where we are today.

  4. I’m astonished that the piece by Kass was allowed into the pages of The Chicago Tribune. Is that some kind of progress? We can only hope!

  5. While I don’t think this sort of thing is going to Marxism, I think it serves the same purpose as show trials in Stalin’s USSR. The faithful need just a shabby smear in order to remain loyal and in tune with the latest two minute hate.

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