All the Doomsdays

Zero out of the last thirty predicted have actually come to pass. Someone should show this to Greta Doom.

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  1. What caught my attention was that the Washington Post’s 9 July 1971 prediction warned “a new ice age would flood the world’s coastal cities…”

    Looks like the coastal cities are doomed either way — cooling OR warming.

    1. Yes. Probably paywalled but this sidebar piece yesterday in the WSJ is pretty crazy:

      Ray Remy, co-head of fixed income in New York at Daiwa Capital Markets America Inc.—one of 24 so-called primary dealers that can directly trade with the Federal Reserve—said he faced a decision early Tuesday whether to pay an interest rate above 7% for cash he needed for his bond-trading portfolio.
      Mr. Remy said he “took a deep breath” and didn’t borrow the money, hoping repo rates would fall. Borrowing at higher rates has “a huge, huge effect” on the profitability of large broker dealers, he said.
      Patience proved wise, as rates fell back near 2% shortly after the Fed’s action. Mr. Remy breathed a sigh of relief.
      “We kind of got lucky today,” he said. “The Fed came in.”

      Expecting 2% on what was probably a typical daily transaction of $100+ million and waking up Tuesday morning and seeing 7%… I’ve had what most would consider mildly “stressful” jobs in the past, not sure I’d have reported to work yesterday if that had been me.

      Two days now and I still haven’t seen a credible explanation of what the hell is going on.

    2. Looks significant to me that they might continue (under a different name) QE policies from last decade. First hit is free-ish.

  2. Going to the original source at:

    The most meaningful one to mean is the falsification of the IPCC predictions, near the bottom. The rest of them are just silly politicians (or news sources, working for politicians) making silly predictions for the most part. But the IPCC report represents the best work effort of the most qualified people.

    And it is completely, totally wrong. Any real scientist looking at that data would have to say “we ran the experiment, and the hypothesis that our global warming codes work has been falsified”. Then they would have to apologize for inducing politicians to steal more money from everyone.

    1. Unfortunately, it only plots up to 2015, and the monster El Niño of 2016 vaulted the measure up into the lower reaches of the distribution. So, basically, a well established yet episodic temporary warming gave them some wiggle room. By smoothing the data to spread out the impact, they have been able to delay the executioner even as the blip has faded.

  3. Why does Greta Doom remind me of Linda Blair in The Exorcist?
    Linda was much better looking of course but in Greta I see the face of evil.

  4. OK, look at the broader picture. No prediction of the world ending has yet to be correct. Not a single one. Just because there is a flare of sience that goes along with the mass hysteria doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t immediately look at AGW Apocalypse the same way we look at Heaven’s Gate and similar events.

    Groups like these all play off the same human conditions and looking at how they do is more relevant and informative than getting bogged down in the uncertainty of an unproven field of science that is just now taking baby steps into understanding the world around us and is trying to claim that events that fall well within natural variation are really some cosmic force upset with our collective actions and that it means we will all die unless we do this one simple thing.

    AGW alarmism has all the hallmarks of a cult and a con. Often the two go hand in hand. Lots of smart people believe stupid things. We have plenty of case studies of similar movements that should be throwing up red flags all over the place.

  5. Here’s an interesting YouGov poll on climate change. The highest belief in the “consensus” is in India, followed by Thailand, Spain, and Indonesia at 71 to 69%. In Norway, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, the US, and Denmark only 35 to 38% buy into it.

    The poll is of course flawed in that it only has four options and can’t capture any nuance, and there could be shades of different meanings between all the different languages, and different perceptions of “cause”.

    And of course it’s a scientific question where opinions are totally irrelevant to the truth of the proposition.

  6. So today schoolkids are on strike in cities across the nation. Many confess that they just want to skip a day of school, but I think I’ve figured out why so many school kids are afraid of climate change.

    School children hate and fear summer.

    Yes, that must be it.

    1. In WA, our former Presidential candidate Governor was telling kids to skip school and the local news was running minutes long segments to puff up this nonsense.

      I don’t know how it is in other local markets but all of our local news has recently turned into Democrat party propaganda outfits. They even do it better than MSNBC and the networks.

      1. There is a huge discrepancy between left-wing progressive news people and right-wing conservatives. Gramsci and Dutschke’s “Long March Through the Institutions” has done in the West what Marxism failed to do in Russia.

        I’m not optimistic we’ll be able to turn this around short of a catastrophe, but there are some positive signs. People seem to be getting fed up with the craziness.

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