9 thoughts on “Weird Coincidence”

  1. “Just because you catch a guy burning a cross on someone’s lawn and then find a bunch of Klan videos on their phone doesn’t mean you should conclude they’re a white supremacist.” – press standards regarding Muslims if they applied equally to white people.

    But instead, we live in a world where the press assumes that everybody who isn’t actively out canvasing for a Democratic Presidential candidate is almost certainly a white a supremacist.

  2. I had one of the network evening news programs on while cooking last night and they said he was just an upstanding immigrant whose main concern was with the safety of the passengers. Then they ended the segment with something almost exactly like this, “…his motivations could be more complicated though.”

    The broadcast didn’t mention any of this ISIS stuff. Why would they spend so much time narrating a defense of the man while hiding such important information?

    Our media are trash.

      1. Even if it was just a union dispute, we don’t need people here whose culture values life so cheaply that they’d sabotage an airliner for overtime.

  3. The actual sabotage grounded the plane until it was fixed, so no actual danger unless it can be shown that it might not have caused problems until the plane was in the air.

    The history of labor disputes will show lots of upstanding Christians doing all sorts of things, including arson that involved much more direct risk to life.

    I suspect that AA would rather not create the impression that they might have a crew if ISIS saboteurs servicing their planes. Very dangerous to get between a prosecutor and a camera crew.

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