8 thoughts on “Solar Inactivity”

  1. They’ll find a way to blame human-generated CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere for the lack of sunspots. Someone has already claimed that Earth-based radio communications have somehow altered the sun’s behavior.

  2. This was predicted over a decade ago by Livingston and Penn when they noted that magnetic flux was decreasing in sunspots. It still is. The more it drops, the fewer sunspots we see – and the more we approach long term conditions usually only seen in the low points of solar cycles (including an overall weakening of the sun’s magnetic field and solar wind).

    I wonder how long it will take the warmists to find a way to blame this on fossil fuels?

  3. Yeah and it’s been that way for nearly a decade, I’ve been informally tracking it on Anthony Watts’ website, which has a daily solar image page and I confess I have to sometimes scroll the picture to distinguish possible sunspots from dirt on my monitor :-). We don’t understand solar physics as well as we think, that seems clear, *settled science* and all that entails….

    There is precedence for these occurrences and they have names such as Maunder, Sporer, Dalton minimums etc. It’s effect on climate (if any) is unclear. It apparently effects the amount of carbon-14 in tree rings. It’s effect on hockey sticks made out of those trees remains unclear.


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