5 thoughts on “PG&E Blackouts”

  1. This is insane. The lawyers screw everything up again. I am so glad I get my power from Silicon Valley Power (a muni) than PG&E. It’s a lot cheaper and more reliable. If this pathetic outage happens, people should reduce their payments AND sue.

  2. The way california does elections invites massive fraud. Even if the voters wanted to clean it up the game is biased against them.

  3. They lose less money shutting everythimg down than by paying for fire damage. Activist groups were pushing to require untilities buy batteries for everyone. Generators would be cheaper.

  4. No, this is impossible. Remember the stimulus? All those shovel-ready jobs? They handed out more than a trillion dollars and fixed all this infrastructure stuff.

  5. With refrigeration no longer reliable, obviously the next step is for people to keep their own supply of cows, chickens and pigs handy to their third floor walk-up. What better purpose for the CA city parks?

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