One thought on “Trump”

  1. I would rather rally around, exploring the Moon and then exploring Mars.
    Trump seems perfectly capable of destroying the Dems, but I am not sure he manage the job of exploring the Lunar polar regions. I think he might happy with landing on the Moon as a stunt, and then going to Mars.
    Is that really good enough?
    It seems if you could build hotels in North Korea, one could build hotels on the Moon.
    Would a Trump hotel on the Moon make much sense?
    I would like to hear Trump’s argument against the idea.
    Now, you would need lunar rocket fuel, but what else?
    What about this question, would the Moon or Mars be a better place for a Trump hotel?
    Now perhaps a question is, would get the right kind of customers going to the Moon or Mars?
    Perhaps that is the fundamental problem with the idea, but it’s seems to me, that perhaps a lunar Trump hotel is more plausible than Martian Trump hotel.
    If I had to pick which pole for a Trump hotel, I would pick the North Pole. And the theme would be Santa Claus’s hotel.
    No one wants a hotel on Earth’s North Pole and doesn’t make much sense having it on North Pole of Mars.

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