One thought on “Fraying”

  1. I often don’t finish Sarah’s essays because tl;dr, and I try not to comment because… well because Sarah and her friends are wrong, and are as much a part of the problem in SF/F as they are in opposition to what they identify as the problem. All they’ve done by demonizing the word “literary” is allow the leftists to claim the high ground. There’s a whole world of “literary” out there that isn’t leftist, that’s simply invisible to Sarah and Co. because they are fighting a battle on ground selected by their enemies. I made a successful career out of writing what came to be called “literary humanist hard SF” (a phrase I rejected as patently ridiculous, btw), but once the high ground was ceded by the these anti-left idiots, I was pushed overboard because my “litarary values” didn’t support the Narrative, and I wasn’t the only one. Good work, gang!

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