10 thoughts on “The Limits Of Bandwidth”

  1. If only quantum entanglement were a possible way of transferring complex information; then we wouldn’t need beams or fibers — just switches to enable signals to be routed quantumagically between mutually entangled nodes.

  2. It’s a bit like one of the scenes in Interstellar where Cooper is talking about who made the worm hole and he says something like, we did. (I looked, couldn’t find the quote)

    Metzger frames what he sees as almost inevitable but also describes how things don’t just happen. Still, the historical perspective and the woo makes one contemplate the nature of fate.

  3. His core thesis is original enough, but the Malthusian extrapolation and vague but confident certainty in the primacy of his personal solution is somewhat tiresome.

    1. He is an academic and has a touch of the Marxism. It is career suicide for any academic to not embrace Marxism these days.

  4. Wow! What a Gamma this clown is. “I have a prediction that will cause the end of world but I can’t tell you”

    He claims he is worried about astronomy but has not a word of prediction about what could be done in astronomy with the 400 meter antennas that Musk and Bezos will make possible building in space or the far side of he moon. He is actually worried about keeping the earth bound astronomical sinecures safe forever than in advancing astronomical knowledge as fast as possible.

    It is interesting to see the difference in reaction to new technologies like Leo constellations by Marxists gammas like this and free market actors like Geostat operators. Marxists declare the end of the world, propagandize, and call for violence. Geostat operators stop ordering the obsolete satellites and try to come up with another business model.

    Notice this space genius has nothing to say about the speed of light latency advantages of LEO over Geo stat and fiber.

    I thank God I did not have to read all his tedious bullshit on twitter over hours (with a pause for dinner!) before his full evil crazy became apparent

    1. Consider how much data will need to be transmitted, stored, and processed when those big space telescopes exist and also when we have constellations around other planets, moons, asteroids, ECT. Plus all the robots.

  5. There’s a bunch wrong with this…

    1. The idea that all data is unique. 99.9% of DNA in all of us is pretty much the same. The uniqueness of everyone comes from that 0.1%. So if the “known” is 99.9%, the only thing that needs to be transmitted are the updates…that cuts down on bandwidth requirements (just like movies/etc). So if I upload that 99.9% of data to the edge, my only bottleneck is the edge…not the core.

    2. The idea that latency doesn’t matter. Latency is the killer in almost any application. If I can shave 1ms off my performance, that not only eliminates time to the end user but time on the network. So once again, the provider and user want to get data off the network as quickly as possible. And I would think companies like SpaceX/etc would figure out a way to cache/CDN their constellation to avoid the earthbound leg if needed.

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