7 thoughts on ““Equity” and “Diversity””

  1. Diversity is a cover for cultural destruction. In business it is a cover for inserting talentless people and softening people up for socialism. It is a precursor so that we can try communism one more time. My company is committing diversity suicide now, it is time to go.

    Diversity divides. Diversity destroys. Unity builds. Cohesion is strength. Diversity is ridiculous.

    Equity was the catchphrase for the French Revolution, 1789. After 10 years of killing everyone who didn’t agree with equity and their general sexual spawned depravities, the Revolutionaries themselves were guillotined. The only way you get equity is when everyone is dead.

  2. I agree that diversity and equity cause a lot of rather large problems. Indeed, the ones seeking these things for our society seems to be tearing apart our society — setting one class against another — more-so than just about anyone else.

    Yet, when I go to a space conference, I sometimes do my own count and it is usually 85% male and 15% male and I think, “I wish there were more females here”.

    When I travel to a developing country, I feel bad for the young people that have far fewer opportunities for personal progress than I for no other reason than that they were born in a poor country. It seems like an incredible waste of potential. So, I have some desire for equity if even equal opportunity as opposed to equal

    So, is there something of value within these values and can we seek that value without jumping off into class vs class territory?

    1. DougSpace perhaps apply a little cold hard logic instead of feelings.

      Others who feel like you do are a large part of the reason the world is in the shape it’s in today.

    2. Compassion is a personal matter best applied case-by-case and face-to-face rather than as a matter of policy. Personal experiences are of such limited applicability that mankind has developed whole systems of law and governance to keep it at bay.

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