Space Settlement Summit

I’m attending this two-day event at Caltech, so posting will be light to non-existent.

(Saturday-evening update)

The final afternoon of the conference, the right side of my lower back started to hurt. It got progressively worse, to the point that I went to a sports doctor yesterday, who gave me a shot in the ass, Vicodin and steroids, and a back brace, and I had an MRI this morning, whose results I won’t get until Friday.

Bottom line: I’m trying to get well enough to travel to Houston Tuesday, but posting will continue to be light.

9 thoughts on “Space Settlement Summit”

  1. I would not rule out a kidney stone. I hope to hell that’s not what it is, because as a sufferer it’s a miserable experience. It’s easily checked with with a urine test most ER’s can do. My first one I mistook for a muscle sprain in the back. Get well soon.

  2. Sciatica? I have had that a few times, and medrol dose pack (steroids) have always done the trick.

  3. Once when my lower right back was in severe pain, my doctor told me to curtsy or squat on just my right leg. He said that if you can do that without screaming, it’s not your appendix. My issue turned out to be a torn muscle.

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