5 thoughts on “The Clinton Crime Family Foundation”

  1. I’ve been following the impeachment efforts so far: Does anyone else think that this is coming down to “Trump didn’t commit bribery and influence peddling in the moral acceptable way like Biden and Clinton did.”

    I don’t think that plays well with the public – we don’t think Biden is better than Trump because what he did was technically not illegal.

    1. Um, “influence peddling” is illegal in the United States. Rod Blagojevich, Governor of Illinois, was impeached, convicted, removed from office, and was sentenced to 14 years in federal prison for soliciting bribes to make political appointments, including filling “Barack Obama’s” vacant Senate seat. Blago was a piker compared to Biden. President Trump hasn’t done a god damned illegal thing, and I’m really getting sick of hearing about how he’s so repugnant, but not as bad as the Dems. From everything I’ve seen, he’s a very decent man.

  2. Only $24.2 million was posted in grants and contributions, which constitutes a record low for the “charity.” Expenses amounted to $47.5 million, hence a loss of $16.8 million.

    The tax returns even have a comprehensive list of activities that some enterprising journalist could investigate.

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