5 thoughts on “They’re Always The Last Place You Look”

  1. I guess the technique I use for finding my cell phone wouldn’t work here? Can’t just look for the mushroom cloud?

  2. Always wondered about that phrase. Of course it’s in the last place you look – why would you keep looking after you’ve found it!

  3. I work with guy some years ago who had been in Air Force logistics for parts and spares for nuclear silos.
    He told me this story about how while at McGuire AFB NJ, a trainload of goods came into the base one day. They had no manifest for the train so they started to unload the train, taking note of what they pulled out. They finally got to the one and only train car that had a padlock. Cutting the lock, they went inside and found a bunch of blue containers. Opening one, they discover one of those nuclear symbols. They immediately put AF police around the car until the nuclear devices could be safely secured.
    A few months later in October of 1962, he was given the job of escorting those blue containers to Gitmo.

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