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  1. This election was the correct way to #Resist. HK needs to up its bureaucratic game and less emphasis on violent clashes. More local “red white & blue” red tape. Vertical local laws on trade, quality standards, import, export, loans, cars, electronic component content, Cantonese language requirements, educational standards, compulsory constabulary service only for HK residents, etc. etc. Chairman Xi, there is a form for that, please fill out in triplicate and our HK central committee will get back to you in the customary 90 days.

  2. “Hong Kong has 18 District Councils, all of which were controlled by pro-government figures prior to this election. On Sunday, that switched radically. Voters gave Hong Kong’s pro-democracy contingent control over 17 of the 18 District Councils.”

    So last election they liked the Red Chinese nomenklatura. Maybe next time they will again.

  3. Hong Kong reverts to China in it’s entirety on 1 July 2047. China is has been preparing for that since the original hand over. This is just another phase, but ultimately, resistance is ultimately doomed.

    It will be interesting when the next Democratic administration takes over. When the “refugees” are anti-communists they’ve shown little interest in virtue signaling by bringing them into the US.

    1. “Doomed” is predicated on the idea that the PRC regime will still be in charge of China in 2047. Given China’s economic problems and its self-inflicted demographic implosion that is already beginning to bite, I think that’s an increasingly dubious proposition. The conventional wisdom pre-1989 was that the Soviet Union would also be a permanent and repressive part of the world’s geopolitical landscape. That didn’t prove true.

      The PRC faces, frankly, tougher and more intractable problems than the Soviet Union did in the last decade of its misbegotten life. The U.S. needs to be actively preparing for the advent of a post-PRC China. The slaves to conventional wisdom in academe and the State Department will be be of less than no use in such an effort.

          1. Reminds me of an old joke, but I will update for current times…

            In Soviet Union social media doesn’t need buttons. It does “Like” for you.

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