4 thoughts on “Coffee”

  1. Caution: hot.

    I pulled a cup of coffee of a table when I was three. Scalded me pretty good. I was in the burn unit for two weeks, got third degree burns where the shirt collar and metal snaps on the shoulder were. I still have the scars.

    1. All of that from a cup of coffee?

      I dropped a turkey I was frying into the 375 F pot of oil, and it splashed the oil all over my hand. The pain was excruciating, but only for an instant. The heat destroyed nerve endings to a depth where I felt nothing. Flesh shed from the extensive injury site, which then turned purple. My then wife was a medical assistant, and had a supply of Silvadene cream. I used it religiously, and now I can’t tell (or even remember) which hand was affected.

      1. Yeah, coffee can do serious damage. When I was a kid one of my cousins somehow spilled some across her shoulder and it left significant scarring.

        Silvadene is great stuff. My daughter, when she was three, put her hand on a motorcycle exhaust pipe and burned it so badly the ER doctors said “schedule an appointment with a surgeon in a month or so to evaluate how much range of motion she’ll permanently lose.” We were given advice to put silvadene thickly all over the burn, cover it with gauze, change it three times a day, and then also take a daily bath after a few days, once the skin healed, where she should push down with her palm to stretch the entire hand out.

        A month or so later, there was no scar whatsoever, and no loss of motion.

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