2 thoughts on “Climate “Science””

  1. I’m not so sure about a flat-lining of fossil fuel emissions, due to India, China, and Africa. India is probably the biggest unknown, but China has ramped up to burn another Europe’s worth of coal.

  2. Climate “Science” has increased global CO2 emissions.
    Climate “Science” hasn’t done anything to lower CO2 emissions,
    Wind and solar energy do not lower CO2 emissions. Burning wood and biofuels do not lower CO2 emission.
    And Climate “Science” has failed to promote nuclear energy which would lower CO2 emiision.
    And Climate “Science” has been part of shifting high energy use to China. And China burns a lot of coal.
    China and India are focusing on developing more nuclear power, but Climate “Science” has not part of doing this. China and India simply don’t have enough coal for the long terms, their only viable option is nuclear energy. Though the use of fracking could also help in the near term.
    There is no way that the world could use 6 times more coal than it is currently using, China is near it’s limit, and use all it’s vaguely economical mineable coal in about 30 year. China mines more than 3 billion tonnes of coal, and imports about .3 billion tonnes. China nor any country can import more than 1 billion tonnes of coal.
    No sane country would mine more than 3 billion tonnes of coal- as it required a totalitarian government like China to do something so stupid. And most other countries don’t have the coal reserves to allow them to do it, if they were stupid enough to try to do it.

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