5 thoughts on “A Water-Eating Virus”

  1. The only qualification to become an expert anymore is a basic if far from complete knowledge of the subject matter and the ability to write complete sentences with good grammar along with a platform to publish the palatable bilge.

    Eventually, AI bots will make all liberals obsolete.

  2. Who’s to say the same risks aren’t inherent in lunar water as well. In fact given the idea that some lunar water may have originated on Earth it might even be more compelling and inherently dangerous.

    This person doesn’t really want us in Space. I got that as soon as he started bemoaning the demise of the obsolete space shuttle. Which, of course, would do absolutely zilch in getting us back to the moon. Nothing beats a good narrative tho.

  3. And I quote from an article dated December 28, 2019:
    “…This year’s 40th anniversary of the moon landing…”


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