8 thoughts on “A Woke Wallis Simpson”

  1. I see a monarchist plot. The “revolution” in progress needs a real figurehead, and who better in a monarchy than a prince?

  2. What Harry and Meghan are doing is virtually unprecedented in the history of the royals.

    Um… no, unless they mean the fact it is being done after marriage, but even the articles headline suggest precedence. And lets not forget that Edward and Wallis went on to support Hitler and Nazi Germany to the point they needed to be exiled during the war. H&M story has yet to be fully told, but it seems a lot like Edward and Wallis.

      1. Actor John Goodman as a love-child heir to the British Throne?

        Sounds like and interesting movie. These goings on, not so much.

  3. They just want to get super rich trading on their celebrity and become powerful wokescolds rather that live a pampered but neutered life.

  4. The hard-core “men’s rights” peeps are claiming that this is driven by Meghan, who is in Canada right now with their infant son, with Harry back in England enduring the wrath of Poppa and Grandma.

    They suggest it is the woke-feminist flipside to a Western woman marrying a man from a country where it is the guy who absconds with the child to one of those countries where any kind of women’s rights is not a thing.

    No Canada isn’t exactly current-day Afghanistan, but the theory is kinda, sorta plausible.

    Suppose this is all about Meghan, which the “Megxit” joke is broadly hinting at. Harry was raised from birth as a British Royal and served Grandma and Country in the military and isn’t the least be a least a stranger to that duty thang. His American-born Hollywood-connected wife, not so much.

    Maybe it is like that Ray Romano sitcom, only this one is called “Everyone Loves Harry”, where Harry lives in a palace right across the Street from Grandma, and he has to thread the fine line in order to please his wife, who is a stranger to his ethnic family’s ways that she finds odd and his own family members?

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