Sharyl Atkisson

She’s suing the Justice Department for spying on her, and specifically our old pal Rod Rosenstein. If she wins, this will lend further credence to the claim that they spied on the Trump campaign, but it may take a while to play out in court.

[Update a few minutes later]

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It would be nice to finally see some accountability for all of this abuse of power, corruption and lawlessness.

[Update a couple minutes later]

I don’t understand why the Barr Justice Department continues to stonewall on the Flynn case. Someone should ask Barr.

2 thoughts on “Sharyl Atkisson”

  1. Obama attacked his media detractors but he also chided his media allies, and they always gave into his demands. He spied on reporters at the AP and Fox, he spied on at least one reporter’s family, and prosecuted reporters to find their sources. But Trump threatens the fabric of democracy because some Trump supporters flipped off someone at CNN and told them they suck. Bear in mind, this is behavior far more civil than anything you will see at a Democrat event.

    Atkisson was attacked by her peers and thrown under the bus by her network. They tried to destroy her life for going against the party. These are the same people lecturing everyone else about propriety, integrity, and the piousness of journalists.

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