4 thoughts on “The Hounding Of Jordan Peterson”

  1. Peterson and Limbaugh are ill. The people celebrating their illnesses and wishing a painful death are just plain sick. There’s no hate like leftist hate.

  2. I agree with Larry. The thing that makes these guys heroes, to the extent they are, is suffering the targets they put on their back by stepping out there and leading the debates they have. Stuff like that is going to generate opposition. So I understand the hounding and even some glee, but wishing a painful death on people who committed no crime is sick.

  3. I’ve read about this before. From…


    On Marshall McLuhan and social media:

    At a Fordham lecture in 1999, Tom Wolfe suggested that a major under-acknowledged influence on McLuhan’s work is the Jesuit philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin whose ideas anticipated those of McLuhan, especially the evolution of the human mind into the “noosphere”.[44] In fact, McLuhan warns against outright dismissing or whole-heartedly accepting de Chardin’s observations early on in his second published book The Gutenberg Galaxy:

    This externalization of our senses creates what de Chardin calls the “noosphere” or a technological brain for the world. Instead of tending towards a vast Alexandrian library the world has become a computer, an electronic brain, exactly as in an infantile piece of science fiction. And as our senses have gone outside us, Big Brother goes inside. So, unless aware of this dynamic, we shall at once move into a phase of panic terrors, exactly befitting a small world of tribal drums, total interdependence, and super-imposed co-existence.[45]

    Pathological thoughts amplified beyond the Id of the individual. Why worry about AI when we can have the real disease writ large?
    The Misanthropic Network….

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