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  1. Too bad a company that made clothes couldn’t make other clothes. Makes total sense to go out of business rather than make shirts and shorts.

    1. A case where the parts were more valuable than the sum?
      Obviously they never consulted Bain Capital or a pair of scissors.

    2. There’s already plenty of companies that make clothes. They wouldn’t have shined elsewhere. This was their one trick. It wasn’t good enough as a niche product.

      Sounds to me like they were crazy to even push that onesie angle in the first place. After all, we already have interesting one-piece clothing for workers. It shouldn’t be that hard to find some interesting way to make that look more professional and sophisticated (say starting with the boilersuit or jumpsuit).

      But look at those ankles. Those poor guys look like they’re growing out of their clothes. The flashy kiddie colors don’t help. The whole look reeks.

      1. And how do you go to the bathroom in one? Something like that could fly in Star Trek because nobody ever had to go to the bathroom. But in the real world?

        1. IIRC, Star Trek actually switched uniforms between the first and 2nd movie partly because the actors complained that the tight jumpsuits in Star Trek:The Motion Picture required assistance to get out of if you had to use the bathroom.

  2. “Shockingly, grown men won’t dress like toddlers.:

    Oh, really? Military pilots wear that sort of clothing. Maybe the company should have put the clothing out in different colors. NASA Blue or gold, Navy grey, Air force green etc. There was even a trend to orange flight suits at one time.

      1. Pressurized leisure suit and hoodie for those leisurely excursions outside the pressure dome in 0g. Hmm. All of a sudden I hear disco music in the background…..

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