14 thoughts on “More News On the Coffee Front”

  1. Even when it’s good it’s bad.
    Wait, you can tell the difference between good and bad coffee? Sounds like you’re making progress Rand.

  2. Heh. Choke it down, Rand! It’s good for ya!

    FWIW: If your fancy coffeemaker is hitting even fresh grounds from good beans with water anything much hotter than 170F, it won’t taste near as good as it can. And actually boil it for any length of time and you get nasty tasting migraine juice. Maybe get a temperature probe and check sometime? A barbecue thermometer works.

    But if even good coffee doesn’t taste good to you, oh well! There are lots of things people wax ecstatic about that I loathe the taste of. But coffee ain’t one of ’em.

    1. It’s a Cuisinart. And I have yet to taste a cup of coffee (at least black), anywhere, that tastes anything resembling “good.” Accept the fact that different people have different body chemistry.

  3. I love coffee, but I sympathize with Rand; I feel the same way about hot tea as he does about coffee. I just don’t like it. (However, I love iced tea).
    My suggestion to Rand; if you’ve never tried a good cappuccino or iced coffee, give them a try. You might be surprised. But, for cappuccino, make it a good one, not the Starbucks-level junk.

    As for your grinding coffeemaker, like anything the choice of beans is important. For example, if you are currently using dark roast, try a decent quality light roast (especially if what you don’t like about coffee is the bitterness).

    As for me, I’m absolutely devastated by this current advice, which is pushing me to do more of something I love to do; drink coffee. Oh no! 🙂

      1. Coffee in the modern US has not been exempt from Sturgeon’s Law: 90% of it is crud. (And the early 21st century is turning into a mass exercise in proving Sturgeon was an optimist…)

        Any blend or roast can still end up tasting cruddy if the brewing water’s too hot. Or 10X cruddy if it’s left quietly boiling on a hot plate for a long time. Sheer random chance whether a given drip coffeemaker will do either or both of these things.

        So, finally, you do at least admit to having tried advice about decent beans. If you ever also admit to trying my much-repeated water temp advice, with decent beans (Az CJ is right) and it still doesn’t do anything for you, then I’ll admit there’s no hope for you.

        I’m curious: Ever try coffee ice cream? Hate that taste too? If so, yeah, you may just be unfortunate body-chemistrywise.

        I do sympathize. Me, all green veggies taste like dish soap to me. Slimy rotten dish soap. Lost count of the times I’ve heard “but you have to try broccoli the way *I* cook it!” No, I really don’t, at this point.

      2. I figured there was a good chance you had, but, figured it was worth a just-in-case. I guess you’re like I am with hot tea – I loathe it. I also get it pushed on me often – I come from a family of tea drinkers.

        I have always found it somewhere between amusing and irritating that many people think that just because they like something, everyone else will too.

  4. I guess I’m just lucky. I buy generic coffee already ground and like it from my $10.00 coffee maker. Costs me about $6.00 every two to three months.

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