7 thoughts on ““I’ve Been A Democrat For Twenty Years””

  1. From the article: “I hope it’s a wake-up call and causes [the Democrats] to take a long look in the mirror and really ask themselves how they got here.”

    Not gonna happen. But it’s nice to have dreams.

  2. It is always interesting to read stories like this. Even when a person begins to realize that non-Democrats are not how Democrats portray them, the person still holds onto a lot of the identity politics brainwashing. That shows the power Democrats have in controlling people. There is always the hope they will keep questioning but…

  3. She decided to walk away from the Democratic party because there is far too much ugliness and bullying on the left, but I think the most important message of the piece is this:

    “There are extremes in both parties that I am uncomfortable with, but I also fundamentally believe that most people on both sides are good, decent human beings that want the best for the country but have dramatic disagreements on how to get there.”

    If we could get back to believing that about each other maybe we would have a functioning political system again.

    1. I think its largely a one sided problem and those on the right have went along with “solving” problems real and imagined out of their good nature. This has led to the always expanding power and reach of government. The compromises always go one way.

      Those in the right who have compromised on every issue have been rewarded by being dehumanized to the point Democrats want them run out of society by and angry mob backed by government forces.

      What is the worst Democrats have been called, commies? That their policies are corrupt and totalitarian? They are currently trying the rig their second primary to prevent a commie from being the nominee. Their base and 40-60 million people support that ideology, especially if you dont call it by its true name.

      The problem with American society isn’t that we disagree or the names people call each other, its the nuts and bolts of what different groups believe. Totalitarian Progressive Marxism is ascending. Pretending they want what’s best for the country is only useful in an extremely small set of circumstances. Compromising by catering to their beliefs means they will always be incrementally expanding power. Their strategy is to sucker good natured people until they have the power to sweep us away.

      This isn’t just true for those on the right. Many Democrats have fallen victim to this ideology because they want to be seen as good people.

      1. “They are currently trying the rig their second primary to prevent a commie from being the nominee. Their base and 40-60 million people support that ideology, especially if you dont call it by its true name.”

        That is the key; Bernie Sanders is a straight-up-commie; “socialist” my arse. Interesting how his support is marginal among people his age, mostly young people are his supporters. Obviously brain-washed by the biased public school system about what socialism/communism actually entails.

      2. One day, I realized that the Democrat Party is nothing more than a large organized crime ring that uses politics as a means to their ends. Suddenly, so many of the things they do made sense. They don’t oppose Bernie because he’s a communist. Hell, communist governments are also organized crime ring. They just realize that Bernie has no chance of election and that would diminish their power. Power is how they achieve their ends. Over 4 trillion dollars a year flow through the DC Beltway each year. Power gives them access to that money.

  4. Fireside Chat Ep. 118 — Why Millennials Support Communism

    “More than a third of millennials now approve of communism. Dennis Prager discusses why this disturbing fact is a result of the poor education system. Students today are not taught to understand the evils of communism and why it is a dangerous ideology.”


    I would add not so much a “poor” education system; it is functioning the way the people running it want it to function.

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