My Space Property-Rights Project

I’m not being funded for it this year, but I’m wondering who would like to contribute to keeping it going, if I do a Kickstarter? I’d need about twenty grand, much of it for required travel (including, potentially, Dubai for IAC in the fall). It would be to promote the ideas in my IAC paper from last fall.

[Thursday-morning update]

OK, to brainstorm a little bit, if I do a Kickstarter (as opposed to a GoFundMe or something else), any suggestions for rewards? Maybe a signed copy of the multilateral agreement(s)?


8 thoughts on “My Space Property-Rights Project”

  1. I’m not sure how much you need to raise, but as far as I’m concerned the “reward” could be having ones’ name attached to the paper (assuming one agrees with it) in some form. You could have tiered name association according to some metric of contribution. For example (dollar amounts are arbitrary and for illustration only)

    $100 Signer
    $50 Co signer
    $25 Tangent

    And so on.

  2. “any suggestions for rewards?”

    The only “reward” I need is knowing I helped you do something important. This is about you, not me. (Others’ mileage may vary.)

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