3 thoughts on “Barr Gets Serious”

  1. Flynn: 7-9 years for lying.
    McCabe: 0 years for lying.

    The people investigating Trump can abuse the law with impunity while setting up process traps to ruin people’s lives in an effort to overthrow the government.

    The Flynn jury was made up of partisan Democrats, including former Obama officials, spouses of people at the DOJ who investigated Trump, and the foreman ran for public office and their social media was filled with TDS. Bias is one thing but there were clear conflicts of interest.

  2. I don’t think McCabe is out of the woods yet. He’s not going to prosecuted for a crime that Flynn shouldn’t have been prosecuted. When you work that through, it makes logical sense. After all, we may feel McCabe’s guilty, but he’d be tried in the same vicinity where Roger Stone was tried. Certainly people there would make such a trial appear to be retaliation. I think McCabe is dirtier than just lying to federal officials.

  3. Some famous Comey quotes on the Flynn case:


    Asked to describe how two FBI agents ended up at the White House to interview Flynn in January 2017, Comey, speaking to MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace during a forum discussion Sunday, said flatly: “I sent them.”

    Comey went on to acknowledge the way the interview was set up – not through the White House counsel’s office, but arranged directly with Flynn – was not standard practice. He called it “something I probably wouldn’t have done or maybe gotten away with in a more … organized administration.”

    Describing how it is usually done, Comey said, “If the FBI wanted to send agents into the White House itself to interview a senior official, you would work through the White House counsel, and there would be discussions and approvals and who would be there.”

    Recalling his decision to bypass those steps, Comey said, “I thought: ‘It’s early enough, let’s just send a couple guys over.’”

    And why was Flynn, as a member of the President-Elect Trump’s transition team being wiretapped in the first place? Is that also “standard practice?” I’d like to know who authorized those wiretaps and why. Some more background:

    The January 2017 interview with the FBI is the basis of Flynn’s guilty plea to making false statements in a deal with Mueller’s team. Flynn pleaded guilty to lying about whether he had talked to former Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak in December 2016 on limiting the Russian government’s response to former President Barack Obama’s recently imposed sanctions for election meddling. Flynn was pushed out shortly after his interview for misleading Vice President Pence and other officials about those contacts.

    But according to Flynn’s legal team, FBI agents in his case did not instruct Flynn that any false statements he made could constitute a crime and decided not to “confront” him directly about anything he said that contradicted their knowledge of his wiretapped communications with Kislyak.

    Earlier this week, Flynn’s legal team also made the allegation that the FBI had pushed him not to bring a lawyer to his interview with agents at the White House.

    To paraphrase another Washington official: “We’ll have less flexibility after the election”…

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